barstools: boring to brilliant breakfast bar

4 Aug

With my recent move into a new house and no less than 13 part-time/unpaid jobs (chalk it up to “valuable experience” and the self-appointed title of Relationship Builder), furnishing and decorating has become one lofty crafting soirée. I’ve realized that when projects are contingent on spare time, “Do-It-Yourself” translates into “I’ll-Get-Around-To-It-Eventually”.

In a valiant effort to prioritize and stick to my ever-growing, I-can’t-wait-to-try-this crafting agenda, my equally over-stretched roommate Meghan and I turned one seemingly ordinary night into a upholstery/baking/movie fête. We introduce thrifting and discounts to this spontaneous evening, along with the ability to tap into friendly neighbor resources, and produced one cost-effective and spirit-lifting transformation.

Bar Stools: $15

Fabric: $7.50

Staple Gun: Free (“on loan”)

Step 1: Remove the cushion from the wooden bar stool. In our case it was attached with screws, so we simply unscrewed and separated the two pieces (I’ll spare you before pictures of that once new, now nostalgic “khaki-inspired” cushion).

Step 2: Lay the cushion, face down, on a piece of upholstery fabric and beginning on one side staple the fabric to the cushion. Instead of working around the cushion, I moved to the opposite side and pulled the fabric tighly to ensure smooth, even coverage. Continue stapling the two remaining sides in the same manner. The corners can be a bit tricky- I enlisted the bed-making technique and used “hospital corners” to fold the fabric around the corners of the cushion.

Step 3: Trim the fabric to create a clean finish and screw the cushion to the bar stool.

And voilá- we have ourselves a trendy, updated bar stool in which to host sweet guests at what has lovingly become a bed and breakfast for fun, out-of-town visitors stopping through!

So in an attempt to coax out-of-towners to our new home, these Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Streusel muffins (from Multiply Delicious) will eagerly be awaiting your morning glory presence in our kitchen. Our bar is always open!

(Disclaimer: My ever-growing desire to travel to France has influenced the vocabulary of this blog post. Here’s to travel dreaming…)


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