birthdays: afternoon dessert party

13 Sep

I love birthdays. Always have. Always will.

It’s one day of the year that is entirely your own. Birthdays are the culmination of everything that makes my heart happy. Sweet treats. Candles. Fine papers. Ribbon. Paper chains and banners. Cards. People you love. Birthdays are the perfect excuse to be completely over the top. So when a small inkling to conjure a surprise, after-school dessert party complete with:

paper pom-poms

rich, gooey cupcakes

grosgrain ribbon-wrapped boxes filled with chocolate-covered peanuts and topped with hand-made peach flowers

ribbon adorned mason jars (just try to drink out of one of these without wishing you were sitting on the front porch)

and bright flowers cultivated from the backyard

entered my mind… there was no turning back. I hauled myself all over town and enlisted Martha in order to execute this scheme.

These paper dahlias are a simple way to add lots of color and charm to any party or gathering. I used the same template for the flowers atop the boxes. Instead of fluffing the tissue paper equally on both sides as in the pom-pom, pull all the layers to one side to create a flat bottom.  

  No birthday is complete without the perfect bauble to celebrate. Happy Sweet 16 Abs!

Note: never tell small children about surprises… they will no longer be surprises.


One Response to “birthdays: afternoon dessert party”

  1. Jessie 09.20.10 at 7:27 pm #

    its official. you are planning my wedding. congratulations.

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