not your kids puzzle.

21 Jan

One Saturday morning, after sampling a deliciously warm crepe from the bustling Charleston Crepe Company stand at the Charleston Farmer’s Market – overflowing with nutella and strawberries I might add – my roommate Jenna and I jovially scooted across the street to our favorite hidden gem. Artist & Craftsman Supply is nestled in the bottom of an old (yet oh-so charming) building on Calhoun Street. After rummaging through nearly every paintbrush and fine paper, I left with this:

a puzzle.

Not just any puzzle. A blank canvas begging for some creative love and longing to be packaged and mailed to one loving recipient far away, as a snail mail surprise. I settled on hand painting the puzzle with a deep gray, bold orange, and understated seafoam green and a combination of my favorite patterns. After a lot of consideration, I mailed it as a birthday card but it could serve many purposes. My suggestion – how I would love to receive this in the mail as an updated, chic save-the-date (hint, hint to all you engaged folks).


One Response to “not your kids puzzle.”

  1. Lauren L. 01.24.11 at 2:38 pm #

    SO jealous! Crepes….yum…

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