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good morning sunshine.

11 Mar

I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. First of all, I always feel super rushed in the morning to eat a nutritious breakfast and be on time for work. I sit, eat, and run. Saturday morning breakfasts are my favorite. Mainly because I can sit for as long as I want and drink coffee from my french press – what a treat.

I love everything about this breakfast nook. The vertical shiplap on the walls, the exposed beams on the ceiling, the bright yellow walls, the clean white palette, the fresh flowers. But most of all… I LOVE the bench seat under the windows.

I will say this once. Loud and clear:

I promise I will wake up extra early every morning if I can have this breakfast nook.

And then I will invite friends over to sit in the chairs around my breakfast table. I will even make them breakfast.


wedding registry tips.

7 Mar

This weekend marked a new adventure in my life: wedding registering. Who says living out-of-town is a burden to milestones in others’ lives? I say no! So far my best friend’s wedding has allowed for a road trip to Atlanta and a wedding-shower-prep weekend in Charleston (filled with delicious meals courtesy of her parents – who surprise… were in town for the weekend also!). I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and suggestions (and maybe a few personal thoughts on the matter) to consider before you embark on the wonderful endeavour that is wedding registering.

– Research. Ask your mom, your aunt, your other married friends. Because at 24, who really knows what knives you will actually use and what pots and pans are necessary to assist in your journey towards culinary excellence. Furthermore, a little help in the department of place settings and spatula materials – teflon or stainless – does wonders. We learned that teflon is best for non-stick pans because stainless utensils will scratch the surface (thanks mom at Bed Bath & Beyond).

– Eat BEFORE you go. Trust me, this process takes hours. And then a few more hours. Don’t get me wrong – the process is fun. The gun. The list. It rivals the emotion of small children on Christmas morning. When else do you get to make a list of all the things you really want? And then have hundreds of people lavish you with gifts?

– Apparently is it standard to register for 3x’s the amount of expected guests. For example, say you have 300 attendees – you must register for 900 items. You heard me, 900. And hear me say that is A LOT of items.

– Consider breaking the registering process into multiple trips. Or interject the day with a nice lunch or ice cream break. Or both.

Our delicious food breaks:

.Square Onion.

.Robot Candy Co.


.Palmetto Cafe.

– Take it all in. I loved being a part of this process and sharing in the excitement. I am so excited for Jess and Paul to start their life together. And really the wedding registry is just a small reflection of that – a whole new journey.

Oh and register here. Just do it. You’ll thank me later for fun dishes and china. And I fully plan on registering for china one day. It’s pretty. And makes you feel fancy. Or as Jenna likes to say, “foot loose and fancy free”.

hold me to it.

1 Mar

My Christmas list had only one thing on it: a sewing machine. So naturally, my mom sent me home with her sewing machine – why buy a new one when you can use what you already have? Ok. Fair enough. And in her defense it has been sitting in my room untouched since Christmas. Until yesterday. I did it. I went out and bought this book and threaded a bobbin. (I considered just checking it out at the public library… then I realized that I have a $20ish fine there so that wouldn’t be an option).

Sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet. So my plan is to teach myself to sew. My grandmother taught me some of the fundamentals as a child. We used to spend the summers eating peanut butter toast for breakfast. She would cut the toast into 9 squares and the middle piece was always my favorite – for its lack of crust and gooey peanut butter. In the afternoon she would let me sit at her sewing machine and rifle through her button collection. I may or may not remember making a denim purse and sewing every button imaginable on top. Excessive… I think not. My favorite dresses were the ones she made. I could sit and watch for hours as she laid the brown dress patterns on the guest bed and cut the floral fabrics for my little frocks.

With that said, here are a few things you should know:

:: I was accepted into the Fashion Design programs at SCAD and FIDM for the fall after I graduated from college. Instead I moved to Charleston and have never looked back. However, I’ve been inspired big time lately and am attempting not to live in fear. I had a conversation with my roommate on Sunday. She asked me what I would do if I knew I would not fail. This leads to my next point…

:: Having a business of my own has always been my biggest desire. I never knew what it would be – except to say that I wanted to create something of my very own and sell it. Still to this day the product has yet to be chosen. I like a lot of things ok…

:: I tend to dream big. And I’ve realized the importance of setting goals. I dream about doing a lot of things, but never quite get around to them. So… my goal is to design and execute a dress by July 16th. Wedding time. No not for me. But as a bridesmaid. I’m thinking rehearsal dinner or bridesmaid luncheon. Hold me to it.

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