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easter egg cookies

25 Apr

Would you rather:

 Have 2 dozen vinegar-dyed hard-boiled eggs that may possibly end up in your child’s toy chest only to be discovered several weeks later?


Have 2 dozen perfectly decorated sugar cookies? Uh-huh, me too. Maybe this was a little bit of a lead-in question, I’m ok with that. These cookies didn’t last long around my house. They are the perfect combination of shortbread cookie and sugary icing- not too sweet but sweet enough.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I am so thankful for the resurrection of Jesus, for friends that are family, and for potluck dinners on the water at sunset.


jewelry class: metals

14 Apr

Piercing. Sawing. Soldering. Hammering. Bezel setting. Finishing.

In an effort to increase my jewelry making repertoire, I have been taking a jewelry class at Redux, a local art center. This is the beginning phases of the silver ring I so lovingly used the piercing saw to cut away from a strip of 20 gauge sterling silver. In other words, it ain’t no piece of cake.

Sheet metal comes in many gauges ranging from 24 – 16. The lower the gauge, the heavier the silver.

In order to join the metal together, we employed a technique called soldering. This involves heating the metal and applying a small piece of solder, when the solder pools the process is complete. The silver ring is then dipped in water and placed in a crock pot filled with pickle, a weak acid.

Now comes the filing and finishing process. It really is quite incredible to see a sheet of metal formed into a wearable piece of jewelry. I’m thinking about creating a collage or mixed media type design on the ring with copper, brass, and silver. And next week, for your viewing pleasure – I’ll debut the finished product all polished and pristine.

royal icing: revisited

13 Apr

Charleston + new roommates + no job = lots and lots of free time. Well that was over a  year ago, but oh how I wish I could go back to those days. Plenty of sleep, days at the pool, and hours of perfecting our baking skills. I think Cory and I baked our way through a gigantic muffin cookbook and enjoyed several hundred cookies. So naturally, when we get together these days – it is to bake. We have taken it to a new level, however, and are experimenting with royal icing. It is very forgiving and shockingly easy to make and use. Cupcake cookies were our first venture. We even made some sailboats for boy Corey. To make them manly – she made them Y-Flyers. And no, I didn’t know what a Y-Flyer was but now I do. And I decided some of the sailboats needed polka dots.

Stay tuned – marbled Easter eggs are coming soon!

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