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doodle + lettering.

27 May

Am I alone in saying that I have probably changed my handwriting approximately 31 times over 24 years, no? I never dotted my i’s with hearts (ok maybe in middle school), but I most certainly suffered from handwriting envy – a serious case of it. I love to experiment with lettering – varying types, thickness, styles. It is really interesting to look back over journals and letters and see how much my writing varied from time to time. I find it so intriguing that everyone has a personal style. Yes, it can be tweaked and changed but ultimately when you put your pen to paper – something comes out all on it’s own. You weren’t taught to write a certain way – minus the obvious cursive writing and punctuation. And I’ll be the first to admit that I want to break all grammatical rules and write in only lowercase letters. And put a period at the end of every statement whether it is a complete thought or not. Peace out subject + verb. I also have a serious paper and calligraphy obsession – more people should hand-write letters (including myself).

Here are a few letters where I experimented with doodling and lettering:


sew: one-shoulder dress

24 May

Here it is. My first dress. Did I mention that it even has a zipper, a hand-stitched hem, interfacing, pleats, gathering, and pockets? And to be real honest, I myself learned what a few of those things were as I sewed this dress. Thanks to that handy sewing book and the internet, I mastered executed these techniques quite successfully.

My sweet Al turned 13, and I wanted her to have something that was uniquely her own – that didn’t come from a store, that no one else would ever have, that was made by me for her. And it fit! Perfectly. I’ll admit that trusting someone to give you a size over the phone and then cutting 13,001 pieces of fabric from a pattern in hopes that out of 8 generic sizes and countless stitches and seams – that it just might fit from 400 miles away was a little unsettling. But it did. She looked awesome. And now I want her to wear it everywhere, ok Al? Great, glad you are on board.

I love creating, seeing the end result of something that takes hours and mistakes and learning to make. I learned a lot. One thing being that invisible zippers do not zip all the way to the top. That slip stitches make your hands cramp. Look at your clothes, the seams don’t often match and you can see where the hem was stitched. Quality matters – I never truly paid attention to the quality and precision of garments until I actually made a wearable piece. Pricier clothes are often worth it – not always but you can tell when things are carefully made.

I loved every second of this process. I’m inspired. I want to know more. Every one should have a birthday soon so I can make them something to wear. Capice?

gift wrapping.

5 May

Navy + White. Lace. Monograms.

I love to doodle and experiment with patterns. Even the most simple line and dots can mesh to create a beautiful design. I like the simplicity of the black ink with navy cardstock and delicate lace.

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