doodle + lettering.

27 May

Am I alone in saying that I have probably changed my handwriting approximately 31 times over 24 years, no? I never dotted my i’s with hearts (ok maybe in middle school), but I most certainly suffered from handwriting envy – a serious case of it. I love to experiment with lettering – varying types, thickness, styles. It is really interesting to look back over journals and letters and see how much my writing varied from time to time. I find it so intriguing that everyone has a personal style. Yes, it can be tweaked and changed but ultimately when you put your pen to paper – something comes out all on it’s own. You weren’t taught to write a certain way – minus the obvious cursive writing and punctuation. And I’ll be the first to admit that I want to break all grammatical rules and write in only lowercase letters. And put a period at the end of every statement whether it is a complete thought or not. Peace out subject + verb. I also have a serious paper and calligraphy obsession – more people should hand-write letters (including myself).

Here are a few letters where I experimented with doodling and lettering:


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