cookies: white wedding

18 Jul

A few weekends ago I packed up and headed south to Jacksonville for a bachelorette weekend. Most important item stowed away in the backseat, you ask? Cookies (shocking I know). Beautifully iced and hand-piped for the bride-to-be. What better way to make absolutely sure that we all fit into our respective dresses than with cake and dress themed cookies? I mean, they are white and bridal and should only enhance our feminine figures…

Let’s be real honest for a minute. Diets are dumb. You think a wedding will be that prized occasion to miraculously derail your sweets addiction to Kaminsky’s Tollhouse Cookie Pie or your unhealthy attachment to all those fantastically photographed fancy foods you stalk on blogs, to have those toned arms you always wanted. It’s not. Sometimes its stressful, more times than not you stuff your face with engagement party libations and wedding shower finger foods (dipping vegetables in ranch does not, in fact, count as “watching what you eat”). So I say order a bigger dress size. Eat what you want. Ok, don’t go that far. But seriously, if the wedding industry knew what was up they would falsely size those bridesmaid’s dresses.


One Response to “cookies: white wedding”

  1. allison 07.18.11 at 2:33 pm #

    diets are dumb. that’s why i’m sitting here with a box of “sugar” sweets from my fabulous roomie. also, fab post…i agree, order a bigger dress size 🙂

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