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My Mind is Always Full.

29 Nov

Start small. See the big picture. Be realistic. Dream big. Make goals and write them down. Do (that’s the most important).



Lilly: The Making of a Print

28 Nov

I finally made it to my computer to catch up on all the happenings of the blog world over the Thanksgiving holiday. Google Reader had quite the list of posts. Daunting? Nope, not at all. I love every single second of scrolling through beautiful images and writing.

I am constantly inspired, challenged, and motivated by the pictures, projects, and talent scattered over the internet. Intriguing to me is the ability to take a hand-drawn or painted piece and translate it for a more relatable, practical use such as clothing. Lilly Pulitzer does just this with their bright, bold prints. This video documenting the creative process responsible for Lilly’snew print Scorpion Bowl not only gives you a behind the scenes look into how Paige Smith executed her fabulous pink and green combo, but will make you want to pick up a paint brush and drink a little something tropical.

Artist: Lulie Wallace

23 Nov

Maybe you’ve heard of my friend Lulie Wallace. She’s the most amazingly talented and heart-lifting person around. She paints. She blogs. She watercolors. She’s into printmaking. Honest Abe is her labradoodle that will melt your heart and hug your neck. Oh Happy Day blogged about her bright florals and envy-worthy talent. I mean that’s a big deal. She is a big deal. I really really love the joy that surrounds her and her work.

Last week Lulie taught us the basics of duplexing and block printing at her studio, Redux Studios for the cards in her Christmas Shop (go add it all to your Christmas list).

Yes, these are letters for the letterpress. I’m seriously considering renting a drawer at Redux to cut, duplex, print, and LETTERPRESS all day. Every day.

Screen-printed tags and cards make the perfect Christmas gift. Especially kraft paper ones with chevron stripes and loop de loops.

Cookie Covet.

22 Nov

This post is in preparation for the food consumption of this week. Ok, the next few months.

You know those chocolate peanut butter cup cookies that you saw all over pinterest last week. And repinned. And drooled over. And then came back a few hours later and imagined eating one… or four? Well we made them. And ate… a few.

Annie’e eats is a miracle. She has birthed a child. She saves lives. And she blogs. Like really blogs about delicious foods. In her spare time. I have trouble blogging at any time.

Chocolate + peanut butter is a fail-proof combination. They go together. Like Cam and Mitchell. Or Christmas and Mariah Carey. I don’t often claim desserts as too rich nor do I rarely leave leftovers. These cookies are a little dense, good for that best-of-intentions portion control. However, I would make them again. And share them with friends.

I’d Gladly Go Back.

21 Nov

Happy Monday! Here are a few pictures from Music to Your Mouth this past Saturday at Palmetto Bluff. It’s beautiful- with it’s quaint setting, understated elegance, and stunning views. Honestly, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the food/wine more delicious.

Under the big tent, Gail Simmons hosted the event while chefs and wine enthusiasts filled the bellies and tamed the tongues of food-lovers.

FIG is a restaurant in Charleston I’ve been dying to go to since I moved here over 2 years ago. Chef Mike Lata’s butter bean pasta fiesole was undeniably incredible. Many other chefs throughout the southeast plated their culinary fares as well.

Banana pudding. Two words that ring so sweet to the ears of many Southerners. But this banana pudding boasts far above all the rest. No Jell-O vanilla pudding was whipped up for this sweet concoction, instead lots of heavy cream and love.

This bike (and many others along with golf carts – the main mode of transportation) resided outside the general store. Lots of folks live at Palmetto Bluff and others (insert me) simply dream of staying for the weekend.

music to your mouth.

18 Nov

it’s friday! hope you have fun plans for the weekend. i’m headed here:

and am oh. so. excited.

palmetto bluff is the site for coastal living’s annual music to your mouth festival. saturday will host the culinary festival. in their words, “the culinary festival is a gathering of culinarians, winemakers, growers, and artisans, brought together to accentuate the abundance of ingredients from our surrounding waters, woods and local farms.  they showcase their finest nibbles and nectars and take our guests on a sensory experience that can only be called music to your mouth.”

what better way to spend a beautiful, lowcountry weekend?

grocery stores.

17 Nov

so i told you i live in that killer j.crew necklace…

here’s the proof. courtesy of a recent fat & juicy tasting. these days absolutely blow my mind- in a good way of course. you would seriously be amazed at what happens at the grocery store on friday afternoons. what a little luxury i have. shoppers wander around aimlessly, pushing their carts full of little debbie cakes and all types of meat. for hours. and hours. i mean i love a good oatmeal creme pie, but do they really sustain you between meals? or let’s get real, even for an hour? it’s probably going to give you a sugar rush in like 5 seconds. pure bliss. sometimes these shoppers are there longer than i am. and they either 1. instantly become wildly intrigued with any item in the opposite direction of my table, even if it’s pork rinds or 2. love to talk to a captive audience. about couponing (i literally know everything there is to know now. like how some grocery stores triple coupons. rebates. making money.) thanks lady who bought her husband a motorcycle with her rebate money. about potato peels. about their illnesses. parents see me and drag their kids by the arm in the opposite direction as fast as they can in fear that i might offer them something inappropriate. i frequently hear the question, “can kids have this”? how do i answer that question? a bloody mary mix, non-alcoholic of course. i don’t want to start them on that path. but it’s pretty much a grown-up v-8 juice. what kid doesn’t need extra nutrients?

i welcome company. and promise it will be quite entertaining.

what i’m wearing: jewels.

16 Nov

this necklace has been the perfect accoutrement to just about every ensemble i wear these days. in all seriousness. i wear it with everything. it’s the perfect mix of casual resin and crystal chain links. thanks j. crew for being amazing.

statement pieces.

15 Nov

jewelry always fits and has the ability to transform any ensemble quite quickly. add bold, bright colors to those jewels and you will evoke energy, excitement, and unarguably more fun. neon and bold bright jewels are popping up all over the scene. these unexpected baubles add interest to any outfit donned day or night, summer or winter. i fully believe in mixing colors and patterns, throwing caution to the wind, and wearing what makes you feel most confident. if a pop of color won’t do that, i’m not sure what will.

thoughts + watercolors.

8 Nov

i’ve been thinking a lot lately. about how people pursue what they are truly passionate about. the steps they must take to get where they are. steps void (or not hindered) by fears, the unknown, failure. i know there is an element of fear in most things we do, and i strongly believe that those who are successful at making their career their passion overcome those fears – they don’t allow them to block their way or create obstacles that seem too daunting and impossible. i tend to see the big picture: the end result, the dream, the success. but it’s interesting how the details comprise so much of my thoughts and energy. my job now is forcing me to live one day at a time, to focus on the baby steps and small picture that will hopefully launch this product. you can’t start at the end. you have to start at the beginning. i’m realizing that the struggle, the closed doors, the mini milestones all lead to accomplishing those goals and dreams. you’ve got to start somewhere right…

so on a side note. i pulled out some watercolors that i bought from artists & craftsman a long, long time ago and painted. my experience with watercolors dates back to elementary school – in the long yellow box, crayola style. these were a tad more sophisticated. when my watercolors grow up they will most certainly be like caitlin mcgauley’s.

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