thoughts + watercolors.

8 Nov

i’ve been thinking a lot lately. about how people pursue what they are truly passionate about. the steps they must take to get where they are. steps void (or not hindered) by fears, the unknown, failure. i know there is an element of fear in most things we do, and i strongly believe that those who are successful at making their career their passion overcome those fears – they don’t allow them to block their way or create obstacles that seem too daunting and impossible. i tend to see the big picture: the end result, the dream, the success. but it’s interesting how the details comprise so much of my thoughts and energy. my job now is forcing me to live one day at a time, to focus on the baby steps and small picture that will hopefully launch this product. you can’t start at the end. you have to start at the beginning. i’m realizing that the struggle, the closed doors, the mini milestones all lead to accomplishing those goals and dreams. you’ve got to start somewhere right…

so on a side note. i pulled out some watercolors that i bought from artists & craftsman a long, long time ago and painted. my experience with watercolors dates back to elementary school – in the long yellow box, crayola style. these were a tad more sophisticated. when my watercolors grow up they will most certainly be like caitlin mcgauley’s.


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