I’d Gladly Go Back.

21 Nov

Happy Monday! Here are a few pictures from Music to Your Mouth this past Saturday at Palmetto Bluff. It’s beautiful- with it’s quaint setting, understated elegance, and stunning views. Honestly, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the food/wine more delicious.

Under the big tent, Gail Simmons hosted the event while chefs and wine enthusiasts filled the bellies and tamed the tongues of food-lovers.

FIG is a restaurant in Charleston I’ve been dying to go to since I moved here over 2 years ago. Chef Mike Lata’s butter bean pasta fiesole was undeniably incredible. Many other chefs throughout the southeast plated their culinary fares as well.

Banana pudding. Two words that ring so sweet to the ears of many Southerners. But this banana pudding boasts far above all the rest. No Jell-O vanilla pudding was whipped up for this sweet concoction, instead lots of heavy cream and love.

This bike (and many others along with golf carts – the main mode of transportation) resided outside the general store. Lots of folks live at Palmetto Bluff and others (insert me) simply dream of staying for the weekend.


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