Museums and Cupcakes | D.C.

19 Dec

Happy Monday! I’m back from D.C. (after flying to Charleston twice yesterday. Flight #1: fly almost to Charleston and had to turn around for computer glitches. Flight #2: made it all the way to Charleston without turning around). Here are some highlights:

We stayed right across the street from Georgetown Cupcakes. I limited myself to one cupcake, although if I lived here full time I would most certainly trek across the street in my pajamas like Lauren and Tice. People are constantly standing in a line that goes out the door, which I now understand. Funny how one treat can make people swoon. Later that night we ate Turkish cuisine at Cafe Divan and then had the most delicious Praline meringue for dessert at Kafe Leopold.

Saturday we took the Metro from Court House to D.C. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History had an exhibit on the Hope Diamond and many other gems and minerals. I even managed to find several larger pieces that would fit nicely in my home, on display (specifically that orange beauty on the bottom there). 

And here’s Santa on the metro. Actually, one of about 300 Santas. They were everywhere, which added quite nicely to the Christmas cheer, he didn’t even mind me snapping a picture.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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