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Love | Bruner Wedding.

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this day of love, I am sharing the wedding invitation that Jenna and I made for the Musgrave | Bruner wedding. The hand-written names add unique details and flourishes that type just cannot offer. The art of writing is one that I have always been drawn to (no, not intentional but I’m leaving that little nugget there for you) and long to perfect. Here is one place I was able to do that and am so pleased with the outcome!


Bridesmaid Dresses | The Meghan.

10 Feb

I’ve been hiding behind yards and yards of chocolate brown dupioni silk for the past two weeks sewing and fitting bridesmaids dresses for a dear friend’s wedding in April. The only request was that we wear brown dresses, so beyond that the choice was wide opened on our end. The Meghan dress is the first one on the scene, fully lined and sleeveless with a ruffle neckline. Here are some of the details:

Featured | Calder Clark Designs.

23 Jan

Calder Clark Designs is where it’s at. Calder is the most talented/fun/hip person I know. She creates be-a-utiful events in Charleston and anywhere you want her to go with impeccable taste and stellar design. Click on over and you can see the goodie-bags I created for the children’s table at a July wedding last year at the William Aiken House. And in true Calder fashion, it was also featured in the most recent issue of Southern Living Weddings magazine.

| heather forsythe photography via calder clark designs blog |

sew: drawstring bags

21 Aug

Occasionally I have the privilege of going behind the scenes to assist in making beautiful weddings a reality with the ladies of Calder Clark Designs. This event in particular was held at the William Aiken House in downtown Charleston. The space is unreal – towering oak tress, a historic home, and on this particular Saturday afternoon – plenty of fragrant lemons and lemon leaves. Calder and Caitlin envisioned a floral brunch, complete with a children’s table overflowing with puzzles, candy, and straw-adorned mason jars. Signature fabric in hand, I fashioned these adorable drawstring bags filled with goodies enough to make any guest swoon for the children’s table.

baubles: wedding earrings

26 Jul

My best friend married one of the most fun/selfless/loving/handsome/Christ-like people I know, besides herself. Really – they are one good looking couple (who should move to Charleston). So when she asked me to make the bridesmaids earrings I jumped at the chance. I love to create as a gift for others. As a designer, the challenge and excitement revolves around translating the vision of the client into a product that captures the feel and aesthetic they desire. Jess is one of the most easy-going people I know. Take the wedding day for instance – we ventured out to take pictures only to discover that all of the flowers were at the church. We were not at the church. She never let it phase her. She’s awesome. And I knew she had complete confidence in the outcome of the earrings. So she let me loose – and that’s even more fun to have free reign to create.

I used similar elements in each pair of earrings but varied the style for each girl. Gold. Coin pearls. and Pale-green gemstones complemented our navy dresses.

cookies: white wedding

18 Jul

A few weekends ago I packed up and headed south to Jacksonville for a bachelorette weekend. Most important item stowed away in the backseat, you ask? Cookies (shocking I know). Beautifully iced and hand-piped for the bride-to-be. What better way to make absolutely sure that we all fit into our respective dresses than with cake and dress themed cookies? I mean, they are white and bridal and should only enhance our feminine figures…

Let’s be real honest for a minute. Diets are dumb. You think a wedding will be that prized occasion to miraculously derail your sweets addiction to Kaminsky’s Tollhouse Cookie Pie or your unhealthy attachment to all those fantastically photographed fancy foods you stalk on blogs, to have those toned arms you always wanted. It’s not. Sometimes its stressful, more times than not you stuff your face with engagement party libations and wedding shower finger foods (dipping vegetables in ranch does not, in fact, count as “watching what you eat”). So I say order a bigger dress size. Eat what you want. Ok, don’t go that far. But seriously, if the wedding industry knew what was up they would falsely size those bridesmaid’s dresses.

gift wrapping.

5 May

Navy + White. Lace. Monograms.

I love to doodle and experiment with patterns. Even the most simple line and dots can mesh to create a beautiful design. I like the simplicity of the black ink with navy cardstock and delicate lace.

wedding registry tips.

7 Mar

This weekend marked a new adventure in my life: wedding registering. Who says living out-of-town is a burden to milestones in others’ lives? I say no! So far my best friend’s wedding has allowed for a road trip to Atlanta and a wedding-shower-prep weekend in Charleston (filled with delicious meals courtesy of her parents – who surprise… were in town for the weekend also!). I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and suggestions (and maybe a few personal thoughts on the matter) to consider before you embark on the wonderful endeavour that is wedding registering.

– Research. Ask your mom, your aunt, your other married friends. Because at 24, who really knows what knives you will actually use and what pots and pans are necessary to assist in your journey towards culinary excellence. Furthermore, a little help in the department of place settings and spatula materials – teflon or stainless – does wonders. We learned that teflon is best for non-stick pans because stainless utensils will scratch the surface (thanks mom at Bed Bath & Beyond).

– Eat BEFORE you go. Trust me, this process takes hours. And then a few more hours. Don’t get me wrong – the process is fun. The gun. The list. It rivals the emotion of small children on Christmas morning. When else do you get to make a list of all the things you really want? And then have hundreds of people lavish you with gifts?

– Apparently is it standard to register for 3x’s the amount of expected guests. For example, say you have 300 attendees – you must register for 900 items. You heard me, 900. And hear me say that is A LOT of items.

– Consider breaking the registering process into multiple trips. Or interject the day with a nice lunch or ice cream break. Or both.

Our delicious food breaks:

.Square Onion.

.Robot Candy Co.


.Palmetto Cafe.

– Take it all in. I loved being a part of this process and sharing in the excitement. I am so excited for Jess and Paul to start their life together. And really the wedding registry is just a small reflection of that – a whole new journey.

Oh and register here. Just do it. You’ll thank me later for fun dishes and china. And I fully plan on registering for china one day. It’s pretty. And makes you feel fancy. Or as Jenna likes to say, “foot loose and fancy free”.

weddings: best friend + stunning gowns.

28 Jan

I am pretty sure draping yourself in layers upon layers of silk organza or taffeta, tulle and french lace may be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world… or quite possibly the most hectic. I’ll let you know after this weekend. Wedding gown shopping here we come! In preparation for the event, I crafted these dresses out of cardstock and shipped them off to my best gal pal in anticipation of our frock-finding weekend in Atlanta.

And to add to my already giddy, giddy excitement of helping my best friend choose her gown, throw an Amsale trunk show to the mix and I’m just down-right mush. Now for my most favorites from the Spring 2011 collection:

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