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Color | Shades of Green.

18 Jan

Green has always been a staple in my closet and for my home. I love the varying shades of this arguably neutral color. Try pairing it with khaki, taupe, chocolate, navy, or bold colors for the spring. Any of these softer pieces will suffice quite nicely for dress up or the interiors:

quote via {all the pretty things}. drapes {traditional home}. princess studs {juicy couture}. lemon quartz earrings {tacori}. dappled sea blouse {anthropologie}. top {jcrew}. dress {never fully dressed}.


Oh That Pink Box.

11 Jan

Have you heard of Birchbox? It’s a magical pink (yes, here is that glorious color two days in a row. I think it might totally be breaking down my guard) box that arrives at your doorstep every month on the 10th, and it won’t disappoint. Maybe you are like me and have exercised the same beauty regimen for the past 11 years and need someone in the know to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest. Or maybe you love all things soap, eye color, and creams. Or maybe you simply love having fun packages arrive by snail mail. Either way, sign yourself up.

January’s must haves:

. archipelago | pomegranate body soap .

. clark’s botanicals | smoothing marine cream .

. juicy couture | juicy couture signature fragrance .

. stila | smudge stick waterproof eye liner .

. larabar | mini carrot cake bar .

Color Blocking | Red + Pink.

10 Jan

Ok. If you know me at all you know 2 things: 1. Red does not exist in my closet. I don’t gravitate towards it in stores and I never wear it, even at Christmas. 2. Pink sort of makes me think of pop princesses. Maybe it’s a little too girly, maybe I am just being obstinate towards it for no reason. It’s undecided.

However, something happened to me when I realized what a combo pink + red are together. Like, I want to go buy lots of pink and red this very moment. And wear them together. And I won’t even feel like I’m repping Valentine’s Day.

via {sterling style} daddy blouse with poppy collar {equipment} white + pink dress and bag {bottega veneta} multistone cuff {jcrew} large striped bangle {juicy couture}

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