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Recap | January 23 – 28.

1 Feb

In order to catch you up on the happenings over the past week, I’ve put together a little picture recap.

Cookies. 5 dozen of them to be exact. I free-handed Leapfrog’s logo on made-from-scratch sugar cookies for the launch of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits new biscuit house.

Sparkling water and lime. My new favorite drink thanks to Lulie Wallace. She introduced the refreshing combination to me over lunch at Fish one brainstorming-filled afternoon.

Last Saturday night, I took in the beautiful Charlotte skyline from the 30th floor of a building downtown. It makes you realize how big things are and how small we are, but what an incredible opportunity we have to be a part of something much, much more. It was incredible.

My sweet friend Lauren repped the turquoise wooden bib necklace I sent her as a little birthday surprise in Memphis. She may be my single most influential marketer around. Thanks for allowing the salesperson at Kate Spade to fall in love with that bauble.


Artist: Lulie Wallace

23 Nov

Maybe you’ve heard of my friend Lulie Wallace. She’s the most amazingly talented and heart-lifting person around. She paints. She blogs. She watercolors. She’s into printmaking. Honest Abe is her labradoodle that will melt your heart and hug your neck. Oh Happy Day blogged about her bright florals and envy-worthy talent. I mean that’s a big deal. She is a big deal. I really really love the joy that surrounds her and her work.

Last week Lulie taught us the basics of duplexing and block printing at her studio, Redux Studios for the cards in her Christmas Shop (go add it all to your Christmas list).

Yes, these are letters for the letterpress. I’m seriously considering renting a drawer at Redux to cut, duplex, print, and LETTERPRESS all day. Every day.

Screen-printed tags and cards make the perfect Christmas gift. Especially kraft paper ones with chevron stripes and loop de loops.

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