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Up Up and Away.

17 Feb

Happy Friday! Hope this finds you well on the way to fun adventures this weekend, or at least daydreams. I’m headed out on a secret weekend trip with some girlfriends, who knows where we will end up or what schemes will be unfold. Either way, surprise trips and fun friends are always a go in my book!

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Weekend Getaway | D.C.

16 Dec

I’ve packed my bags (full of the most warm scarves, jackets, gloves, and boots I own) for a little getaway to D.C. Best friend Lauren has no doubt formulated a weekend itinerary sure to include only the best ways to experience Christmas in the city. And this time we won’t burn the oatmeal cookies.

music to your mouth.

18 Nov

it’s friday! hope you have fun plans for the weekend. i’m headed here:

and am oh. so. excited.

palmetto bluff is the site for coastal living’s annual music to your mouth festival. saturday will host the culinary festival. in their words, “the culinary festival is a gathering of culinarians, winemakers, growers, and artisans, brought together to accentuate the abundance of ingredients from our surrounding waters, woods and local farms.  they showcase their finest nibbles and nectars and take our guests on a sensory experience that can only be called music to your mouth.”

what better way to spend a beautiful, lowcountry weekend?

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